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Lynette Natasha Sandhu hates writing in the third person because it often sounds a bit wanky... so hello, it's me - a human person behind these lines who kicks ass at: Strategic Thinking, Brand Development, Idea Generation, Copywriting and Content Creation.

People who love my work (and fund my stationery-fetish) include: The Indigo Project / Toto&Co / Marque Branding Sydney / Anthem WorldwideCattywampus / Studios at Sydney's Channel 9 / TBWA\KL, FCB Kuala Lumpur / Arc Worldwide / Leo Burnett. 

When not writing, I can be found practising self-control along the aisle of bookstores and gift shops. The nerd in me also collects quirky postcards and doesn't shy away from awkward dance moves. 





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things I give
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This is how I work. This is what I work for and who I work for. 

Not just like-minded people but like-hearted ones. I truly believe it's empathy and emotions that reach others, not just another "buy now" button. If this resonates with what you're about, let's talk / collaborate / make shit happen. Say hi here.

nice things
people say

Lynette is one of those rare writers who is born with a flair for words. She has a beautiful way of expressing the insights and reflections that her sensitive nature picks up.
— Janet Lee, CEO & Owner, 95%
Lynette is a wonderful copywriter and creative thinker who strives to push the boundaries both professionally and personally. I loved working with Lynette. She is caring, loyal and fun and inspired myself and her other colleagues at Marque, to think outside the square and look for creative directions in unexpected places. I know she will succeed at anything she puts her passion and creativity behind and hope to have future opportunities to work with her.
— Anita Williams, Senior Packaging Designer
Lynette is a natural who has an uncommon flair for writing. Short n sharp or long and engaging, whatever the medium, Lynette always found the words that worked. Lynette is also a good thinker who always had a few good ideas jotted down in her notebook. In the right environment with the right mentoring, Lynette can grow into a great creative. This is me recommending her to you.
— Rupert England, Integrated Regional Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi
It is a pleasure working with Lynette, her passion and talent for the creative word is inspiring to all those around her. Writing is Lynette’s creative love and favorite art-form, however clearly not only her only way she expresses herself. Her highly creative heart and balance of business acumen mind was truly utilised, with the redesign, of Australia’s largest health food brand.
— Drew Ridley, Executive Director at Anthem Sydney & Marque Sydney
Lynette is one of the most passionate creatives I’ve had the opportunity to work with. What sets her apart from others within the field is the fact that she is insightful and has a strong ability to really get under the skin of the brands that she is working on, to create concepts and written pieces that touch the heart. To this day, I have yet to meet a creative that is able to instinctively understand the tonality of one of the world’s most iconic cookie brands! While certainly driven to maintain the creative integrity of the campaigns she works on, she always keeps an open mind to consider the business side of the brand. Certainly wise beyond her years, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with her!
— Natasha Aziz, Group Account Director, FCB Kuala Lumpur